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Our pediatric occupational therapy practice is designed for children of all ages and abilities to explore using all their senses in a safe environment. We have specifically designed equipment that improves a child's body awareness, spatial skills, gross & fine motor skills, and even social skills. Dragonfly & Owl is a unique practice that allows children to engage in sensory play which helps support language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problems solving skills, and social interaction. Our practice even has a unique "Cozy Cove" that serves as a calming area. 


Occupational therapy (OT) with a Sensory Integration (SI) approach is the primary treatment for children with Sensory Processing Disorder. The wonderful thing about OT is that it is play-based and fun; kiddos look forward to going to OT each week!

SI therapy helps children integrate sensory input more effectively which allows them to perform everyday “occupations” in a more functional manner.

A child’s “occupations” include playing with friends, participating in group activities, learning, enjoying school, completing daily routines like getting dressed, eating, brushing their teeth, and sleeping. As your child’s sensory processing becomes more integrated, they will be better able to self-regulate and enjoy everyday life. As a result, they will be happier and more confident.



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