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Fine & Visual Motor Skills

Fine and visual motor skills are those that involve the use of the hands and eyes in coordination to complete everyday tasks. It is crucial for children to develop the strength and dexterity, as well as the proficiency to participate in daily tasks such as feeding, dressing, writing, scissor skills and everyday play! A child’s fine and visual motor skills greatly impact their overall independence and self-esteem. It is important that we encourage children to play, explore and interact with a variety of toys, items and textures.


What are some fine and visual motor skills?


·       Pencil skills (scribbling, coloring, drawing, writing)

·       Scissor skills (cutting)

·       Dressing skills (buttons, zippers, shoelace tying)

·       Feeding skills (using silverware, opening lunch box and containers)

·       Hygiene skills (teeth brushing, hair brushing)

·       Play skills (Legos, blocks, puzzles)

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