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Cabin Fever?

Winter is a long season for your young ones to be cooped up inside. Here are some great, fun and easy activities that will keep your kids entertained for hours and stimulate their senses and minds!

“Indoor Carwash”: Fill a bin or the tub with shaving cream and let your kids explore! We love to add cars, spray bottles and sponges for a makeshift carwash. Kids can use their imaginations while also working on their hand strength and fine motor development. You can even add paint for some added color!

“Pompom Snowman”: Save plastic bottles and your children can make their own snowman that will never melt! They can fill it up with pompoms or cotton balls and then add a face, arms and a scarf!

“Frozen Treasure Hunt”: Gather up some toys that can easily be frozen in containers. Let your child “unbury” the treasure using spray or squirt bottles with warm water or a toy hammer.

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