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Tired of hearing "I'M BORED!" from your kids all day? We know how challenging and difficult it can be to entertain your children all summer long! Here are some great indoor and outdoor activities that are easy to prep and will keep your kids entertained!

  1. Shaving cream fun. Practice making shapes and letters in shaving cream. Use your finger and if your child doesn’t want to use their finger start with a paint brush

  2. Ice painting:. Add water and some paint into an ice cube tray and freeze it. Have fun using it to paint!

  3. “Rolling Bowling”. If you have bowling pins great, if not you can use empty bottles or cans! Have your child set them up and then they are going to work on rolling like a log to knock them down.

  4. Sidewalk Chalk. Go outside and use chalk to draw on the driveway. You can draw a “city’ and take cars out and drive on the roads! Then use a spray bottle or any kind of squeeze bottle filled with water to “erase” the chalk

  5. Free the animals! Wrap some animals (or any toy especially whatever is your child’s favorite) in some paper and have them work on freeing the toy but cutting them out of the paper.

  6. Outdoor alphabet match. Use some sidewalk chalk and write the letters of the alphabet on the driveway. Then take any letters you have at home and hide them in the grass and have your child go on a scavenger hunt for them and then match them to the letters on the driveway!

  7. Frozen Dinosaur Eggs: Freeze some small dinosaurs or other toys and let your child use spray bottles to help melt the ice to save them.

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