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Sensory Summer Camp!

Looking for ways to keep your children stimulated and engaged this summer while also working on their developmental skills? Our Sensory Summer Camp offers sensory-motor enriched opportunities for children of all ages and abilities and is run by two professional occupational therapists. From our weekly “cooking group” to sensory projects and gross motor obstacles, our hands-on and full body activities provide children with the chance to explore using all their senses.

While at camp children will be working on their sensory processing skills, fine and gross skills, social/language skills, imaginative play, bilateral coordination, hand strengthening and visual motor skills in fun and engaging ways.

The best way to grow and develop is learning through play. In our structured day, children are provided the support and encouragement to discover and explore while playing and also working on a variety of skills.

Check out the pictures to see some of the activities we will be incorporating into our daily schedule! Feel free to call (518-407-5776) or e-mail ( to inquire more information.

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