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Spring is in the Air!

March 20th marks the first day of spring! It has been a LONG winter and everyone is looking forward to warmer weather. It’s finally time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Need some ideas to keep your kids busy? Here is a list of some great outdoor activities:

· Sidewalk chalk: A fun way for your child to work on their pre-writing skills and overall hand strengthening and grasping patterns. For added extra fun you can bring a spray bottle to “erase” your drawings

· Rock painting: Set up a station outside to paint rocks to add to your garden

· Bubbles: Let your child blow bubbles and then pop them. It is great for their oral motor and visual motor skills

· Visit a playground: It is great to find new places to let your child explore. Playgrounds help them work on their overall motor planning skills, coordination, strength and endurance

· Garden sensory bottles: Find a clear bottle and let your child fill it with dirt, rocks, and anything else they find outside

It is time to get outside, explore and have some fun!!

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